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Trigger warning:  Transphobia, Homophobia

“Girls can wear jeans and cut their hair short, wear shirts and boots ‘cause it’s okay to be a boy.  But for a boy to look like a girl is degrading,  ’cause you think that being a girl is degrading.”

I’ve seen this quotation from Madonna come across my dash a few times, and every time I see it, it makes me not only frustrated and angry, but very, very sad.

I would like to tell Madonna - and anyone else who thinks this way - that there is a world of difference between this:

and this  

Yes, a woman can wear jeans, yes she can have short hair, but there is a vast difference between wearing unisex clothing and wearing what is perceived to be “men’s” clothing, between having a short hairstyle and having what is perceived to be a man’s hairstyle.

Society, in general, is just as intolerant of gender variant women and female-bodied transpeople, and to say otherwise in such a flippant way is to negate the suffering of those people, and to even further discount a group that is already marginalised and at risk.


  (Teena) Brandon: A 21-year-old transman from Lincoln, Nebraska, who was beaten, raped, and murdered in 1993 when it was discovered by his attackers, John Lotter and Tom Nissen, that he was biologically female.

  Lisa Craig: A 35-year-old lesbian mother of two from Boston, Massachusetts, who, in 2003, was attacked in front of her partner and children by four girls who screamed anti-gay slurs at her and beat her severely, causing her to require surgery and 200 stitches in her skull.

  Sakia Gunn: A 15-year-old lesbian from Newark, New Jersey, who was stabbed to death in 2003 by Richard McCullough when she refused his advances because she was a lesbian.

(No photo available) Phool Chand Yadav:  A 22-year-old transman from Lucknow, India, who, in 2005, was beaten, raped, and murdered when his attackers discovered that he was biologically female.  

  Josie Smith-Malave:  A 32-year-old lesbian from Brooklyn, New York who, in 2007, was beaten, spat on, and subjected to anti-gay verbal abuse when she and her friend Emily Durwood were attacked by a group of twelve people after having been asked to leave a bar because “it was getting too gay”.

  Roberto González Onrubia:  A 26-year-old transman from Madrid, Spain, who was imprisoned for nine months by Dolores de los Reyes Navarro and Ainhoa Nogales Bergantiños, during which time the two women humiliated, starved, and tortured him until finally beating him to death in 2007.

  Colle Carpenter:  A 27-year-old transman who was a student at California State University, Long Beach, California in 2010, was attacked during a class break by a classmate who beat him, threw him against a wall, and carved the word “it” into his chest.

“The erasure of FTM (female-to-male trans) bodies, especially in feminist theorising of materiality, exposes the ways in which ftm bodies and lives continue to be deemed ‘unacceptable’.”

 ~  Jo Latham, PhD candidate, Critical Theory and Gender Studies - “Unacceptable” Conference, Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia, 2011

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Is it okay if “they” all sign up for accounts at my house and “all” use the same email? I only ask because I’m so innocent and my friends are so silly o.O O.o o.O O.o  




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I really really wish slash would stop promoting random artists he likes who join the site :/ It’s not that they’re not talented or anything, it’s just… it’s a site full of artists. I don’t appreciate him just singling out the ones helikes to commission.

But if he…

What? Yes, he likes them… What? I don’t understand the first couple lines of your response, but yeah I am complaining about those shout-outs you see nothing wrong with. I don’t pay any attention to site contests, but I’m alerted to news posts, as a lot of other users are, too? Since you don’t agree there’s no need for clarification or anything, so, just wanted to post that up there :U I was just getting my feels out. I was pretty butthurt when Osiem and Cat were both added to the (top of the) SCC artist page and both got a ton of promotion via news posts when I joined right after and was just stuck quietly somewhere in the middle. I know not all artists get promoted via a news post or anything, especially not all SCC artists or anything? It was just unfortunate timing and coincidence that made me feel kinda crummy.

Well, hey, I wasn’t trying to call you out or anything like that— just putting my two cents in.  Don’t worry about trying to follow my train of thought, er, but I’ll try to explain—

“I really really wish slash would stop promoting random artists he likes who join the site…”

So the thought that followed was, “Well, who else would he promote?  Artists he didn’t like?”  You’ll have to forgive me for my slightly broken response.

Sorry to hear you felt shoved under the rug. :/ I know that’s a frustrating feeling.  That said, I’ve always enjoyed the artists he shows in the news posts— but I’m not a part of the site staff/art staff/breeding artist/anything like that.  I only play on the site.  It may be different for me if I was actually an SCC artist or something like that.

The SCC artist thing was mostly just an example, I don’t think i’d feel differently if I wasn’t on the team ;3; and now I understand what your first few lines meant; my bad! It’s just, yeah xD we clearly respond differently, and I just kind of. Idk sigh and eyeroll when he promotes artists because to me it’s like “HEY GUYS GUESS WHAT I REALLY LIKE THIS PERSON AND BUY ART FROM THEM AND YOU SHOULD TOO SO HERE’S SOME ICONS FOR YOU” or whatever, he advertises for them basically? And it makes me jelly :U cause like I said, aywas is full of artists and singling out a few every now and then just doesn’t make me feel very good.

Just wanted to say do your research. Its proven Slash is a girl. There is even a news article with “her” being interviewed about owning Aywas. So you want to tell me she is really a guy? Then who is that girl that claims to own the site?

As for Neph she is one of these “liked” artists that Slash promotes. Daily. Though really her art is crap.

I’m not sure you understand the difference between sex and gender dear, you might want to do your own research.




May Hilarity Ensue: duckstapler: all my rambling disorganized thoughts on…



all my rambling disorganized thoughts on gender/transgenderism that no one wants to read

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I’d really.. like to see what trans* stories you’re reading because myself and all the trans* people I know specifically feel like your original thoughts on the community,…

I don’t think trans* people are usually told up front by other people that “You must be a man/woman in a woman/man’s body!!” as people have told me. Like I said in my original post, they are told they are not acting “correctly” for their birth sex. They usually arrive at the conclusion they are transgender on their own after experiencing this their entire life. The body hate stems from the fact that their sex is the reason that society put them in this cage in the first place.

I’ll have to disagree with you and say that transgenderism is definitely a societal thing, as gender/gender identity is a social construct in the first place. There are also plenty of people identifying as trans* (especially on tumblr) who don’t want anything to do with altering their body. Still, I’m sure there *are* probably people out there who are born with some kind of genetic anomaly that makes them view themselves as in the wrong body. Nevertheless, I’m positive that we would see a decline in people seeking hormone therapy and surgery if we lived in a genderless society that didn’t coerce people into gender roles from birth.

Don’t worry, nothing about your post struck me as aggressive or uncivil. We’re still cool, even if we aren’t seeing quite eye-to-eye here. x)

Mmm… say what you will about trans* as a whole but the dysphoria associated is not a social construct, it’s definitely a diagnosable disorder in the DSM that’shad plenty of research to back it. 

I think it’s unfortunate that (it seems) the majority of trans* people you’ve met have been on tumblr since there’s definitely some militant/radical types and such. You seem to have met some real interesting ones, lol. 

I think trying to blame the entire thing on the fact that society has gender constructs is… extremely short-sighted, though. That’s not really a good enough reason for wanting to completely alter your body. The logic that people are saying they’re trans because they’re a masculine female so they’re obvs secretly a man? That’s.. one I haven’t heard before. That’s a pretty circular argument. I don’t think that’s really a logical thing for most people to think. There’s a big big big difference in “society fucks with me because I’m too masculine/feminine, something must be wrong with me” vs. “everything about me is wrong right now and it’s going to take surgery to fix.” Right? Maybe it’s just me but that seems like a hell of a leap. Not that every trans person gets surgery but, for the sake of the argument and considering most get at least get a mastectomy/orchiotomy at least. 

I don’t know, you seem pretty set on your idea and that’s fine. I’m not really trying to change your opinion, especially one you’re stuck on. I just have to say, the whole “trans* people wouldn’t be trans if society didn’t want girly girls and manly men” doesn’t make sense to me—like, okay there’s really femme trans guys who even after transition are more feminine. There are really butch trans women who remain butch after transitioning. So where does that fit into your theory? Considering they already fit their society-assigned gender role to begin with, sans their feelings about their body. 

re: “The body hate stems from the fact that their sex is the reason that society put them in this cage in the first place.” I was raised for the most part with no expectations of me or on how I acted fitting any gender. I played with horses, barbies, trucks, dinosaurs, anything. I had an easy bake oven and also toy guns. I grew up in Portland which is uh. definitely not a place you’re going to feel much of society’s restrictions, so I didn’t have any experiences of anyone acting like I was behaving “incorrectly” for my sex. I still hate my body, still plan on altering it as I can to be more correct for me. I’m not alone. There’s plenty of kids raised by hippie parents who didn’t care how they acted, who still wind up being trans*. I never had someone be all “hey, have you ever thought you’re trans*? because I think you are” and a sudden revelation. I think if you knew/had met more trans people in real life that maybe weren’t just exploring/had been pulled into thinking whatever, you might not feel the same. Or at the very least, a lot of the people online have some really dramatic AND THEN I KNEW story, and it makes other trans* people look stupid.

oh also—the trans* people who go out and start trying to tell other people they’re def trans* too because they’re too masculine/feminine? fuck those people! they’re judgmental fucks and no one can tell you what you think about yourself. It’s really too bad so many people have had experiences like that because it makes every trans* person look bad, right off the bat. 

that’s the same bullshit as gay/bi people who are PRETTY SURE someone around them is the same because omg, they complimented that girls hair!! you must be a lesbian too, come be in my group! 

All that said I’m not a fan of the whole assigning-kids-a-gender-to-follow shit myself, so this isn’t particularly about that. I just think it’s a big jump to think that and then think most trans* people are trans* because of societal gender roles. 

I’m not trying to say gender dysphoria isn’t a real thing. It’s definitely a real thing. I just don’t think it’s generally a natural from-birth occurrence. And while I agree that not fitting into the gender role assigned to your sex isn’t a *good* or *logical* reason to completely change your body, but people are doing it anyway.

As for femme transmen and butch transwomen… you can still more or less fit your assigned gender and still hate being part of it. (See: women with internalized misogyny/”i’m not like OTHER GIRLS” snowflakes.)

You’re probably the first trans* person I’ve met who hasn’t had some sort of nasty history with gender roles. I wish you luck and I hope your transition helps you.

I am going to have to disagree with you hard though when you say it’s a big jump to blame societal gender roles for people disassociating with their sex. Outside of the relaxed areas you and I grew up in, gender roles are everything. Society doesn’t just “encourage” ‘masculine’ males and ‘feminine’ females, it actively tries to stomp out anything that goes against those roles. All things considered, I don’t think it’d be a stretch at all for people to look at the other side of the fence and see greener grass.

oh, I could’ve probably been a lot clearer about my experience with gender roles—I did grow up in Portland but right now and for the past 12 years? I’ve lived in the south. There’s… plenty of that here. so yeah, didn’t mean it in a “wow look at my perfect bubble of not-assholes I grew up around, surely it can’t be so rough!” My bad. I’ve taken plenty of shit for being trans* over the years and I know it’s not going to stop. And I’m definitely aware that in general society (in stupid places [mostly everywhere]) isn’t so cool with anything beyond rawr man and teehee woman. 

re: femme transmen and butch transwomen, I still don’t think it’s just a case of hating the role you’re assigned/society’s view of it. In my mind those groups turn your argument on its head—not every butch/femme transperson can have internalized misogyny and misandry.  I think I just don’t feel like if we abolish gender the world’s going to turn into some new utopia and there’s not going to be any/very rare issues with this all. I mean they wouldn’t be ~gender~ issues because gender wouldn’t be a thing, but I don’t think that would stop people feeling how they do. 

Okay… hm. Well I lived in NY when I was a teenager, which in most areas is sort of pretty devoid of gender roles. I think I knew more men with vaginas than without, lol. What about places like that, where the role is hardly something that gets considered?

*shrugs* Like I said to begin with, I’m not trying to get you to change your opinion and you seem pretty sure of it, and that’s all cool. I just felt compelled to add to it. This is definitely an “agree-to-disagree” situation because our views are so different and we’re both pretty solid in them.