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Okay delete everything then. Tumblr is fucking stupid. 

Basic summary of giant thing I typed for you:

I’ve seen a lot of negative things posted by you here and on site, and I just wanted to let you know that if you’re genuinely concerned with your reputation on site, you should probably try to phrase things nicer, not pick fights, and just generally stop presenting yourself as a negative person. Because negative people are viewed in a negative light, and people usually want nothing to do with people who just seem angry and mean all of the time.

 As an example:
“Skitty needs to get her act together and get some helpers or be replaced all together. Because this is fucking ridiculous.”

Could’ve been:
“Skitty really seems to need some helpers to keep up with the amount of users using the crystal check thread daily. It’s really insane how many posts there are in a single day.” 

Or something along those lines. Same point, but not cruel. Yeah?

Oh hey someone replied to this. I didn’t notice.

This is the internet. Everyone is going to bitch about everyone else. I was overexaggerating, yes, and I could have phrased it nicely. Truth is, I actually very rarely post in Skitty’s thread myself, but from what I’ve heard, the speed is. Yeah, well, you know.

I’m not picking a fight or anything of that nature, Nyoko just decided to call me out because I’m probably the only one who commented on that she could track back to Aywas.
I was stating an opinion, and I know I’m not the only one who has it.

Oh wow, I must really seem like a bitch on Aywas lmao. No, that’s not sarcasm. I do most of my talking through PMs and on the Xat, so I don’t have much to say most of the time in the forums. I wasn’t aware it made me seem like so much of a dick though.

In any case, I’ve apologised at this point to both Nyoko and Skitty for getting to angry and snappish with my post, and I have taken them down on my side.
Whether or not they wish to drop this is completely up to them, but I don’t like confrontation and I’m going to drop it here because I’m more bark than bite.

TL;DR: I apologised to both Skitty and Nyoko for my actions, I’m sorry I’m such a bitch sometimes, and now I’m going to crawl under a rock and die.

Listen you stupid fucking cunt, you leave puppet alone, Skittty and Nyoko are fucking douche bag cunts, everyone knows it.


mang if that’s the best you got you need to go back to insult school 

 I didn’t know skitty and nyoko were fucking douche bag cunts ooo: